joli petit menteur
secretly spencer hastings and chandler bing.
you could say i live a pretty little liars appreciation life, but i would say it's more of an obsession.
i make way too many text posts and photoshop and i have a love/hate relationship.
she is my queen
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Lucy Hale leaving The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles | September 17th

« I’m Shay Mitchell and each day is a new day to take me one step closer to my dreams. » 

"I’m afraid to ask what full on Christmas looks like at the Fitzgerald house."

Pretty Little Liars | Christmas Sneak Peek | 5x13 

Aria and Ezra, 5.13 Christmas sneak peek

guys please, I cannot answer all 0 messages

Happy Birthday, Ian! [September 16, 1986]

Janel Parrish at rehearsal for Dancing With The Stars//9.11.14 

Did Ali set up the “Ezra is A” thing?


I’m rewatching Season 4 and I’m starting to believe Ali set up the whole “Ezra is A” thing. I think Ali let the girls believe Ezra was A for her own benefit.

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Y o u only get one album. You only get one single. You get one shot in music. But I have a million different dreams. Why can’t I go out and try to achieve them all? Who are you to say I can’t?