joli petit menteur
secretly spencer hastings and chandler bing.
you could say i live a pretty little liars appreciation life, but i would say it's more of an obsession.
i make way too many text posts and photoshop and i have a love/hate relationship.
she is my queen
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I've been singing for a really long time and I love a lot of genres, but country just seemed like the best fit. The people in that genre are just so nice and welcoming. And that seemed so appealing. Also my voice fit it and seemed like the way to go.

Keegan Allen: A Summary {insp}

Friends share secrets, that’s what keeps us close.


Janel Parrish || dwts jive + shh! [lq » will update with hq updated]
anonymous asked: haria or spemily?

4x16/ 5x12/ 5x05

"What is it about those four pretty girls that attracts so many  c o r p s e s ?"

@lucyhale: Things Girls Say

Mark your calendars, bitches! Lucy is performing on the Ellen Show on October 7th!!